Why I work at Xero and why you should too!!!

I have now been part of the Xero team for over 2years,  starting what seems like a lifetime ago on the 24th August 2009.

Since then things have been going gangbusters here at Xero HQ,  in our 30 September 2009 Xero Interim Report we reported 12,000 paying customers,  at our recent annual meeting in July this year we reported 45,000 paying customers.  In this time we have developed and released a whole suite of add on applications including Xero Personal,  Xero Touch for those all those new funky mobile devices,  stacks of new API partners,  1000’s of automated Bank Feeds and have recently acquiring a leading  Australian Payroll provider.   Not to mention countless tweaks and updates to the core Xero systems.

Working in the Operations and Dev team here has been an awesome and unique experience.  Especially here in Wellington where traditionally a lot of Information Technology work is traditionally local consulting and deployment for Government,  Telcos and Utility Companies.     Where writing  quotes, terms of references, following repeatable engagement formulas,  negotiating change requests and contracts is the name of the game.    Here at Xero we are developing tools powering and enabling small businesses not only NZ wide but around the world,  we have over 100,000 users from over 100 countries.

Here are some of things that light my fire at Xero.   Have a read I think you will agree it is hard to find another company in New Zealand that offers anything like this!

  • Scale,  here at Xero we deal with more end-users than even the biggest NZ Enterprises 24×7 around the world.  These users are often business owners Xero is critical part of their business and has to be available and quick.
  • Big Data,  we have literally billions of records and terabytes of data within our databases that support our customers.    All this needs to be fast to access,  protected and kept in tip top shape.    As we add functionality and customers this offers unique challenges in how we manage this data our customers most critical asset.
  • Technology,  we are constantly evolving our platform and adding new components to support our constantly changing Scale and Big Data requirements.     This means experimentation with the latest in web framework, caching and storage technologies.  The Xero product team is also very open to choosing the best tool and tech for the job and we have a rich blend of Open Source and more traditional technologies within our system.
  • Cadence,  we develop and release fast typically with a short release cycle of only 4-6weeks for major features and can turn around and deploy hotfixes in a flash.   We are not scared of change we embrace it.
  • People,   not only do we have a world class Product Team,  we have a world class Design, Marketing, Sales, Customer Care, Finance and Strategy teams.    There is a great mix of cultures and backgrounds at Xero and we have some great fun at work and outside work .  Even with our expansion and addition of overseas operations in Melbourne, San Francisco and the UK we are all strongly connected and no-one is a stranger.
  • Evolution,  we are constantly re-evaluating our place in the world and what we can do better.  In the short time that I have been here we have made significant changes in how we develop and deploy updates, manage production systems,  to how we engage and enable our accounting partners.

So do yourself a favour ,  look up from your timesheet,   boiler plate RFP response, repeatable implementation checklist or  change management meeting minutes  and checkout http://www.xero.com/about/careers/?opportunities.  If you don’t see a job description that matches you exactly let us know,  we are always on the lookout for great talent and for the right candidate will figure something out.  That is how we roll.

Live a little!



About Martin Wildash

Help design and oil the wheels of Databases and Web Apps @ Xero, Online Accounting Software (www.xero.com) Family guy and enjoy the outdoors when I can!
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